Day 1: Princess Sofia Regatta

April 1, 2019

Today was the first day of racing at the Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofia regatta! And we had quite a good start to the regatta. We finished the day in 6th overall with a score line of 5,2,11.

We are quite happy with these results! The conditions were about 6-8kts with some small chop. We have been working on our speed in these lighter conditions so it was great today to see it pay off!


It was a long start to the day. We were supposed to launch around 10am, but with the wind being light they kept us on shore until noon. Then we headed out to the course and sat waiting for wind for another 2 hours. The wind eventually shifted around to a nice sea breeze and we got right into racing!!

The first two races we didn’t have the best of starts, but were able to sail our way into a solid lane and used speed to get us to the top mark in a good position. We rounded the top mark in the first two races in the top 5 and were able to hold our position around the course!


The last race we had a great start towards the pin end and were able to tack and sail across on top of most of the fleet. However we struggled a little occasionally with our speed and rounded the top around 10th. Downwind we miss judged a layline and ended up loosing a boat or two and on the upwind we maintained our position despite not fully sticking to our game plan (which turned out would have been the best plan up the beat). We fought back a couple boats on the downwind and crossed the finish line in 11th. We were a little disappointed with the finish because we started so well, however it was a good lesson learned because we recognized we needed to adjust our set up before the  race because of bigger chop.


Tomorrow we have three more races scheduled starting at 1pm! You can keep following the results here!

Thank you for your continued support!

Anna and Paris

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