Day 4: Princess Sofia Regatta

April 4, 2019

Today was an awesome day of sailing! It was windy! Wavy! And fast!…and wet at times. We finished the day with a 12, 7, and a 21 to put us 11th overall.

The wind was up and the temperatures were down when we launched this morning. The wind was in the 16-22kt range for our racing and the temps stayed in the high 50’s. The waves had kicked up to a nice 3-4ft chop which made for some exciting downwind sailing.

The first race of the day we had a great start and didn’t feel smooth around the course. We capsized upwind on a tack on the second beat and rounded the top mark in 21 , but sailed well enough on the downwind and passed 9 boats to finish 12th.

The second race was much better. We had a decent start and sailed smart to get to the top of the fleet at the first mark. We held 4th downwind and then on the second upwind leg, we passed the boats in front of us by playing to the left of them, but a few more boats played harder left than us and we lost a few finishing 7th.

The last race was the most heart breaking race of the day! We sailed an awesome first leg and rounded the top mark in 3rd. Downwind we rolled a boat and gybed on a tighter layline. Unfortunately we found a couple waves that were a little too close together and couldn’t get our bow around them and ended up pitchpoling. It was such a bummer at the time, but we tried to sail hard and catch up as much as we could, but the damage was done and we ended up 21st. We could have sat and sulked about it but I think we took away the fact that we were quite happy with the way sailed to that point.


Tomorrow is the final day of gold fleet racing with three races left to decide the top 10. We are looking forward to the racing! You can follow along here.

Thank you for your continued support

Anna and Paris

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