2019 World Championships: Preparation

November 30th, 2019

The Oceania Championships ended on the 27th and although we didn’t have the best result at the end of the regatta, we took away some important lessons about our sailing, boat speed, and the many courses we will sail on during the World Championships.

I could talk a lot about “because of this, that happened” and “if-this, than that”, and that is why we didn’t qualify for Gold fleet and that is why we didn’t sail our best. However, in reality it was a practice event and all those mistakes we made won’t happen again! We had some great races and some races that could have been great in the end.


We had some letter scores during the event (a UFD and a black flag) so in the days leading up to the regatta we have and will practice time and distance to the line, so I know how close I can push it without being over. We also have some great boat speed compared to the rest of the fleet and that was definitely a confidence booster. We are not at all discouraged and will start our World Championships dialed in and ready!


Measurement and registration was yesterday for Team USA, so we had to strip the boat of all the line and blocks and weigh it in. The process is long, but it went smoothly. We rigged everything back up and went for a quick sail to make sure everything was working as it should be. Today we will do some practice races at 2pm with the Danish teams and then we will rest up the next two days in preparation for the Worlds to start on Dec 3rd.


We hope everyone in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We made our own Thanksgiving here in New Zealand and invited over some Danish FX sailors and my brother, Hans, to join us for the evening. We have so much to be thankful for and we recognize a lot of our sailing wouldn’t be possible without a lot of our supporters. So we say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us get to where we are now.


If you are interested in watching the races during our World Championships Dec 3rd-8th, they are putting on live broadcasting for all the race courses and every fleet. The live coverage can be viewed by clicking HERE! This link will lead you to a website called Sideline App where you will have to sign up and make an account using your email address. The coverage for the 2019 Worlds will only be available via a subscription fee. Sideline App’s World Championships package can be purchased for the early bird price of 9.95 Euros for all LIVE and On Demand. After November 30 (November 29th in the States), the package is 14.95 euros. Just click HERE for more detailed information.

In the next few days, we have an announcement to make so stay tuned for that!

Paris & Anna

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