4th Overall at the 2020 Oceania Championships

February 3rd, 2020

Today was the final day of the 2020 Oceania Championships and it was another tricky day! We had some really great racing and finished the day with a 5,1,10 moving up 5 places and finishing 4th overall!

The day started with a slight delay because the wind was gusting too high for us to sail.  Luckily, the club had the SuperBowl on so we were able to catch the start of the game. Shortly after the start of the second quarter, we were told we were going sailing, so we headed to the boats, got dressed, and launched.

We had a very quick tune up once we got on the water and got ready to race.  We had an awesome start on the first race being the pin most boat and going fast.  The wind shifted left and we could actually tack and cross the fleet.  We waited about 30 seconds longer than we should of in hindsight, but sailed the beat and the shifts the best we could from our position.  We rounded the top mark in about 10-12th, but with the fleet close.  Paris found us the fastest path downwind and we rounded the bottom mark in about 7th place.  Upwind we passed a few more boats and ended up crossing the finish line in 5th.

2020 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Oceania Championships, Geelong Australia.

After a quick water/snack break and chat with Coach Willie, we got ready for the next race.  We had discussed our game plan and set up to execute it.  We didn’t have the best start, but in the end we got going to the side of the course we initially wanted.  The plan worked out well as we rounded the top mark in 2nd place.  We maintained the same place around the leeward mark and up the next upwind leg. We ended up closing the gap to first place at the top mark with both of us rounding the mark at the same time.  The wind on the second beat was very shifty and puffy as another rain squall was coming towards the race area and the wind shifts and lulls were getting quite drastic.  It definitely meant you had to be on your toes the whole time!  On the downwind leg we were neck and neck with FIN 14 as we approached the finish line.  We executed our gybe first and they went shortly after us, but unfortunately for them they capsized during it and allowed us to sail to the finish line comfortably with the lead.

Before we started the final race of the day, we checked in with the score of the SuperBowl and we were told the 49ers were winning 20-10.  We didn’t know where they were in the game, so we assumed it must be almost over and that they would most likely win…

The final race of the day started off very well. We had a great start right next to the committee boat in quite a big right hand shift. We rounded the top mark in second or third and held that position downwind.  At the bottom gates, 1st and 2nd rounded the right gate looking downwind and we rounded the left gate with the British girls close behind. The race committee signaled that they had moved the mark to the right so we were pretty happy with rounding the left gate and playing the shifts from there.  But we didn’t guess correct this race. The wind shifted hard left which meant for us it was very difficult to get over to the left side of the course. This unfortunately meant that we lost some boats upwind and ended up rounding the top mark in 10th.  Everyone ended up straight setting and no one had to gybe on the downwind leg as the wind had gone enough left that we could sail straight to the finish line.


There wasn’t much we could do about the shift and we can’t get upset about it because that is the type of racing we experience sometimes, especially when our course is so close to shore. It makes it extra tricky.

When we got to shore, we found out the Chiefs had actually won the game…wow! What a comeback! Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs!

Tomorrow we are taking a rest day, and then we get back to training on Wednesday as we ramp up for the 2020 World Championships starting on February 10th.  You can check out the Oceania Championship results here. Thank you all for your support.

Anna & Paris

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