Conclusions: Sailing World Cup Series Genoa

April 18-19, 2019

Sailing World Cup Series Genoa has come to an end as a light and tricky regatta. On the 4th day of racing we scored a 11 and a 6 in winds just as light as the previous days. That concluded the qualifying series which was suppose to finish on Day 2, however, because we didn’t complete 4 races within Day 1 and 2 and there was no racing on Day 3 because of no wind, the qualifying series ended on Day 4.


We squeezed into gold fleet sitting 22nd and we had one day of final series to try and jump up in the results. On the final day of racing we had marginally better breeze and we managed to finish 4 races! We scored a 16, 13, 18, 9 out of a 25 boat fleet. The last day of racing consisted of really short races that concluded in really tight fleet racing. Two boat lengths at some points in the race would separate you from the top half to the bottom half. There was a lot to play for in most situations and it was all about learning how to win the small battles when they mattered most.


In the end, we finished 21st in gold fleet. Moving up in the results every time we got off the water, even if it was a small change! Although it’s not the result we are looking for, we realize that every time we go racing there are many opportunities to get better. Especially in the conditions we had over the past week! We started this regatta knowing it was going to be a practice event, trying new techniques that we wouldn’t have usually done, and stepping out of our comfort zone. We have a strong appreciation for how challenging light air racing can be after this week and we are eager to get better in it!

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We will go home now for 2 weeks and rest before we head to Weymouth, England for our next event, the European Championships, starting May 13th-19th.

Thank you for following alongside us. We love all the support we can get!

Anna & Paris

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